Precision Machining Equipment

Our 18,000 square foot facility in Kent, Washington houses a variety of machinery including CNC Mills, CNC Lathes, CNC Grinders, Wire EDMs, Gundrills, and Inertia Welding equipment.

CNC Turning

Our six CNC turning centers give us the versatility to devote the proper machinery to your project. Projects requiring diameters as large as 12″ and lengths up to 45″ can be turned in one chucking at our facility.

CNC Grinding

Complementing our CNC turning capabilities, our CNC O.D. grinder is one of the largest in the Pacific Northwest. CNC grinding enables us to economically produce a variety of close tolerance features on complex parts, before and after heat treat.

Wire EDM

Our Agie Wire EDM has a working area of 23 by 12 inches and can accommodate parts as tall as 16 inches. We have used this machine for innovative work, including the production of very accurate spur gears and spur sector gears.

Inertia Welding

Our Caterpillar inertia welder allows us to produce welds that would be nearly impossible otherwise. Odd-shaped parts can often be inexpensively produced with this technology.

CNC Milling

Our horizontal and vertical machining centers are perfectly suited for production milling. In addition, we can accurately coordinate features in complex parts by accessing many surfaces in one chucking. Our World Record setting propellers are an excellent example of the complex surfaces we can produce.

Vertical: Our two vertical CNC mills have strokes of 20” x 40”.

Horizontal: Our machine will accommodate parts that fit on a 16” x 16” pallet, with heights up to 18”.

5-Axis: We have three five-axis mills, all from Matsuura.  All are multi-pallet, and hold 240tools, with the largest stroking over three feet.  We routinely machine hard metals, with titanium being the most common.

Deep Hole Drilling

Our two gundrilling machines and large inventory of gundrills allow us to economically produce close tolerance bores of virtually any configuration.

This technique is well suited for production as well as prototype work.

We also have the ability to counter rotate round parts in our BTA Drill which can produce holes up to 2”in diameter and 50” deep.  In some applications, this can dramatically improve the concentricity of hole to O.D.


Our three honing machines are used for final hole sizing and surface finishing.

We have two conventional horizontal hones as well as a 52” stroke vertical hone that uses superabrasives and is computer controlled.