Three Sigma Manufacturing has the equipment and the expertise to properly measure the items it produces. Our temperature-controlled quality control room houses a Zeiss Accura coordinate measuring machine, along with an optical comparator, height gauges, ceramic gauge blocks, bore gauges, medical grade bore scope, and micrometers of all types.

The CMM is maintained and calibrated yearly by Zeiss and has an articulated head that can touch-trigger or scan. It has a working envelope of 2 ft. x 3 ft. x 5 ft.

Three Sigma’s expertise in metrology dates back to Ken Frankel’s work at the Boeing Company in the late 1970’s, where he was the principal developer of a theodolite-based large-scale measurement system. This was, at that time, one of the world’s most accurate systems for measuring large objects..

Engineering - CAD/CAM

We are proud  CAD/CAM experts, having vigorously pursued this discipline since 1987. Whether we produce the computer model, or work from your data, your complex surface project will be pursued with experience and depth of knowledge.

Our CAD platforms are Pro/Engineer & SolidWorks.  Our CAM software includes Pro/Manufacturing, HSM Works, VoluMill and Camplete.

Hand Finishing